Refund Policy

Mankaa Kura

Please note the general refund policy in the event of the following circumstances:

  • Users have the option to reschedule their session at least 24 hours in advance. Note that rescheduling can only be done up to 2 times for the same payment.
  • The User may be matched with a different Counselor without additional charges in case of unsatisfactory first therapy session. However, User will be required to start the sessions from the beginning with the new Counselor, since the patient notes are not transferable.
  • Full Refund is ONLY issued if Counselors are unable to take session in the booked time frame due to unavoidable personal circumstances or other technical reasons owing to the Counselor.
  • Mankaa Kura is ultimately a customer focused service. Contact us at [email protected] if your unique situation requires partial or full refund. Mankaa Kura has no obligation to refund but may agree to refund, as per the decision of the Company based on careful consideration of the User’s request.
  • Refunds might be possible for customer’s convenience in the future. In the meantime, surveys at the end of therapy sessions are taken to ensure continuously improved services.
  • Note that therapy is delicate and takes time. The best therapists in the industry are employed and continuously trained in partnership with different institutions. Please be patient and let the scientific process help you, one session at a time.
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